How To Effectively Leverage the Power of LinkedIn To Grow Your Business and Generate an Unlimited Supply of Qualified Leads!


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Here is just a little of what you’re going to discover in LinkedInsider course…


  • Develop A Fully Effective LinkedIn Profile

    Your profile will catch eyes and draw prospects to you. It will also get you onto the first page of the LinkedIn search results for the CORRECT search terms that prospects use to find a business like yours.

  • Connect with the Right Contacts

    Say goodbye to frustration, you’ll be connecting quickly to the movers, shakers and decision makers of businesses. You won’t have to explain yourself to the gatekeeper – you’re in.

  • Build Credibility and Leads Quickly

    Your powerful profile will give you access to people – they will trust you before they even connect to you.

  • Use LinkedIn as your personal CRM Tool

    Not only is it your own contact management tool, but it’s the place that you can record phone conversations, correspondence and your personal notes.

  • More Profits from Selling More

    Your contacts will be looking out for your marketing messages in addition to wanting to use your products and services.

  • Build a Good Reputation

    Not only will you be able to do all the above but you will come across as the type of person that people want to connect to. They won’t be pigeon holing you as some needy, desperate or even salesy person.

And much more!

LinkedInsider can transform an existing business into something new and exciting and exceptionally profitable or can be used as the catalyst to speed the success of brand new start-ups.

Regardless of where you are in your business, LinkedInsider will get you focused on what's most important:

Louis Detata, Director, Financial Services

“I’ve had a profile for years, but didn’t realize how easy it was to find and target people that fit the profile of my ideal client.”

Louis Detata, Director, Financial Services

We guarantee you will learn tools and strategies that will at least DOUBLE what you invested in the course within the next 6 months! This is not just a promise, our graduates make this look ultra-conservative over and over again.

Here's What You'll Get When You take Action Right Now...

Each module of this 12 module course is created with you in mind. Easy to follow and implement once you know the tricks of the trade, you’ll soon be in the upper echelons of LinkedIn users. In fact, you’ll know more than 97% of them. But best of all, you’ll be yards ahead of all of your competitors.

Module 1: Building the Foundation

  • Learn key insights that every sales person must know about LinkedIn, and why this is the biggest networking opportunity of the century
  • Practical training on how to build an “all star” profile, customising your settings, rearrange your profile, and navigate the platform
  • Worksheet and checklists to help you develop a winning LinkedIn strategy with our proven lead generation formula

Module 2: Standout from the Crowd

  • Copywriting secrets on how to create a headline that will not only get you found through the search engine, but will draw in prospects
  • What to put in each section and how to make them work for you in the powerful LinkedIn search engine
  • How to pull in clients who are looking to buy now
  • What to write and how to write it so that your prospect will pick you to connect with above your competition.

Module 3: Profile Optimisation

  • How to make the best use of the contact page including tags, reminders and other powerful features to keep you in touch with prospects
  • How to develop a lead generation system that gives you pointers on who and how to contact and follow up with
  • How to use the advanced search function like a pro – find people who are looking for what you are offering
  • Why you need to start using LinkedIn groups and how to do it
  • Is LinkedIn premium worth the cost – what is the expert consensus on it?

Module 4: Social Proof Strategies

  • How to use social selling’s special features to be far more effective than traditional selling
  • How to fill your lead funnel with qualified buyers who want what you’re offering
  • How to grow your network fast and efficiently
  • How to create messages that will make a difference for your business
  • Access to message templates and advice on how to write messages that will connect to your prospects

Module 5: How to Make Groups Work for You

  • Discover the results of sharing relevant content with your prospects
  • Tips on how to share content for it to bring you the best results
  • How to get noticed as a top contributor and what it can do for you
  • Showcase your expertise and secure your position as a leading authority with LinkedIn’s new publisher platform.

Module 6: Social Selling Explained

  • How to be successful on a daily basis with your action plan
  • How to create a daily action plan that is easy to follow and will keep you on target
  • Keep track on your leads to refine your plan for improved results
  • How to get the best from sending mass messages to more prospects at once. This will put you way ahead of others in your niche.

Module 7: Sales Conversion Strategies

  • Discover the top sales conversion strategies for your leads so that each client will feel as though you are giving them a bespoke product (whether you are or not)
  • Find out how to qualify your leads so that you don’t go wasting time on the wrong set
  • Build your profits by using these little known tricks

Module 8: How to Engage Key Decision Makers

  • How to both engage and influence key decision makers to get the result that you’re looking for
  • Find out how to develop a strategy for engagement that will be successful with your identified prospects
  • Enjoy influencing buying decisions before you’ve even made contact with the decision makers


Module 9: How to Engage Customers

  • Discover the top 7 ways that you engage your customers online to stay within their sphere
  • How 3 of these ways will provide you with improved search engine results too
  • Get customers singing your praises to others after just one interaction with you.

Module 10: Attract Inbound Leads

  • Discover the top 7 ways that you engage your customers online to stay within their sphere
  • How 3 of these ways will provide you with improved search engine results too
  • Get customers singing your praises to others after just one interaction with you.

Module 11: How to Effectively Market Your Company Page

  • Get noticed by prospects who are looking to buy products and services that your business sells.
  • Come across in a way that people want to do business with you and remember you – even though they’ve only seen your company page one.
  • Get found by the LinkedIn search tools

Module 12: Daily Approach to Success on LinkedIn

  • Core action list of what you should be doing on a daily basis to build and then maintain an influential position
  • How to stay on top of your actions so that you’re on track and target on your lead generation system
  • Discover how to connect to new people on a daily basis.

In total, this is what you're going to get:

  • Over 24 coaching videos

  • Over 14,000 worth of training

  • Over 12 hours of live training

  • Step-by-step video lessons

  • Real life case-studies

  • Lead generation formulas

  • Workbooks and checklists

  • FREE 1-on-1 coaching session & FREE profile review

  • Words that Work: Message Scripts

  • 4 FREE Bonus Modules

Over $4,990 worth of value!


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"I’ve gone from literally zero profile views to being in the top 2% in my network – in only 7 days!"

- Lilly Munro, BDM Digital Marketing

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As Mark Twain said:

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Join us, I guarantee that if you implement all of our systems and don't believe it is worth DOUBLE what you invested in our course then we will give you a full refund.

P.P.P.S. Imagine waking up with an email inbox or mailbox full of leads.  And think about what that extra income and prosperity can do for your family. 

Not only that, but imagine the confidence you'll feel when you realize that getting your ideal customers, clients or patients to buy now is no longer a mystery, but a repeatable event you can initiate anytime you choose.

During this unprecedented time, only a wise few will take action and innovate their marketing in order to take advantage of the changing economy, strengthen their business, skyrocket their career, and make a fortune.

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